Lisa A

My wedding was nearly two weeks ago and friends and family are still talking about how fun and lovely it was.  The day ran seamlessly and that was in HUGE part to Tricia and her amazing team!

From start to finish we were constantly impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of all things wedding and event.  She made the whole process easier and was by far our most important vendor.  I would highly recommend her to anyone planning any event/wedding large or small.

Did things go wrong on our day?(catering issues, a medical emergency and last minute changes to our schedule because of late guests) Of Course....but I didn't hear about anything until afterwards because if was all handled by Tricia!

Thank you for everything!

Fallon Pfeifer

Tricia was the first thing we planned after booking our venue. Booking Tricia was the best decision we could have made. Throughout the entire process I had Tricia to answer any questions I had. Questions I didn't know I had she answered for me. So many details would have gone unplanned or thought about if it wasn't for her. 
Our rehearsal dinner, and wedding day ran absolutely perfectly because of Tricia and her team. Anytime I needed Tricia she was right there to answer any questions or concerns I had. If she wasn't there, her team member was with headset that went straight to Tricia. If anyone had a question for me, all I had to do was direct them to Tricia (You don't have time to answers questions on your wedding day! lol) If my bridesmaids weren't paying attention and my dress started to drag there was Tricia and her team to pick up the train. We somehow ran out of cups at the bar. Guess who had that covered?? Yep!! Tricia. If I needed my lipstick her team was right there with my lipstick on deck! If I needed a drink or something to eat...There they were.
Every little detail was thought out by her. I can't say enough how much I LOVE HER!!! You will not regret hiring her!Amanda Kaeding

I can't say enough good things about Tricia!! Tricia and her team went above and beyond for us. I didn't have to stress or worry on our big day, they had everything handled. When I had a question or a request I would turn around and someone would always be there waiting with an answer or a solution! Tricia's services were very reasonably priced and worth every penny!! To any brides that wants a well organized stress free day Tricia is your woman! Thanks again Tricia!!!!

Keishia Gu

For our wedding reception, we worked with Krista Dison and had a smooth and successful event. Weeks later, we still hear that it was the best wedding that anyone has every been to!! We eloped in August 2014, but we had a reception 6-months later at Los Verdes Golf Club for family and friends. The company came at the recommendation of our venue. My husband and I eloped because we didn't want the hassle of a big wedding, and I've always been skeptical of coordinators and anything related to the wedding industry. But hiring Krista was a God send. We only brought her on about 2 weeks before our reception but she was engaged the entire time leading up to the reception. She was available via phone, email, and worked until the 11th hour with myself and the DJ regarding the program run-down leading up to the event. 

Thank goodness she was there. She will be your best friend, the-day-of. She keeps you on schedule and on track. You're so busy on your special day, and you absolutely can't handle it all on the day-of. I was so glad she helped get me through hair/make up, and as a "Chinese" bride, I had to change 3 - 4 times, and she whisked me away for each change, and kept me abreast of the open bar tabs. It was nice to have a friendly face. 

Krista had a great attitude, smile on her face, and fantastic spirit. Loved working with her and would recommend her as a wedding coordinator to anyone.

Taylor Owens

Tricia and Krista were absolutely AMAZING and I could not have asked for a better team. The quality was top notch, they were available whenever I needed them (I actually don't know how Tricia responds to emails so quickly), they carried themselves with the upmost professionalism, and they were so flexible with our meet-ups. Plus they did all of this and more while working within my budget. I also just liked them as people - I instantly felt comfortable with them. But even better was the feeling that these two would go above and beyond for me. I work in client services myself - this is no easy feat. 

My photographer bailed on us a couple of months before the big day. I was devastated. I didn't know what to do, so I emailed Tricia. Within 24 hours she had found a few options of photographers that were available for my wedding date, had beautiful portfolios and who were willing to work with my budget. I ended up with a photographer that was even more talented and wonderful than my original (a blessing in disguise!). And she was a recommendation of Tricia's. 

You know how to tell if someone is a great Wedding Coordinator? When you don't even realize that they are there (except when you need them and they magically appear) and everything is running so smoothly. That was my experience with Krista. Our venue had a beautiful fountain in the middle of the dining area. During my Dad's speech, I realized it was a bit hard to hear him, but accepted that as a part of the location. Suddenly, the fountain turns off and everyone can hear. Krista had taken it upon herself to find someone from the venue to turn off the fountain (just for speeches). It meant a lot to the rest of the guests and it was one of those details you never forget.

Jamie LaMotte

I'm not sure how we would have gotten through the last year without Tricia! She was an indispensable part of the planning process. 350 emails later, and we just had our dream wedding! From day 1, she listened to what we wanted and helped present options that fit in with our vision and budget. The second venue we visited (from her recommendations) ended up being a quick sell since it was exactly what we pictured. Tricia is extremely quick to respond, and I never felt bad asking her questions over email. In addition to her making my life 1000 times easier during the planning process, Tricia and her staff made sure that the actual wedding ran perfectly. Everything was set up exactly how we had envisioned it. She had an answer for any question that came up and was always one step ahead of me. If you couldn't tell by now, I couldn't recommend Tricia more. She also has a great network of vendors that she can recommend (photographer, videographer, florist). This was super helpful for us since we didn't really know where to start. I know that she has packages that range from "day of " to "hold your hand every step of the way." We chose the latter and did not regret it one bit!

Kayla Siam Betbout

From the moment we got engaged, we knew that we needed to have Tricia Dahlgren as our wedding coordinator. From helping us choose & book our venue over a year in advance to special, personal touches in our bridal suite on the night of wedding, Tricia truly went above and beyond. She is detail-oriented, organized, creative, responsible and fun to be around. She attended every single meeting, with an iPad in her hand and a smile on her face! She answered all questions and concerns in a timely fashion, with enthusiasm & a positive spirit. On the day of the wedding, Tricia shined even more. She and her staff covered every last detail, from making sure that the temperature in the reception was just right and that every vendor was paid, to even fixing my hair when it get slightly messed! I couldn't recommend Tricia more highly. For a well-organized, drama-free and beautiful event, Tricia is definitely the best choice to make!

Hayley Casselman

I cannot say enough how thrilled I am with Tricia and her staff! In the days leading up to the wedding and, of course, on the wedding itself, she was there and completely on top of everything! Even family and guests noticed how great she was! She was there from rehearsal to the final song (and after helping clean up!!) and it was such a stress reliever to me to know that if I needed something she'd take care of it. All of my previous comments stand, so I'll just say that I HIGHLY recommend her and would be more than happy to discuss my experience with her in more detail if anyone's interested (just PM me :)). April 2010: I am actually so happy with Tricia so far that I had to leave a review now, even though my wedding isn't for another couple of weeks. Tricia was recommended to me by one of my bridesmaids. I had not budgeted or planned in general to have a coordinator, but this was the best suggestion EVER! I just had no concept going into this wedding how many details and things needed to be done, thought through, etc. and Tricia has just been SUCH an amazing help to me! Even though Tricia is only my Day-of-Coordinator, she has been helping me coordinate for over a month now and we're still a few weeks out! She's met with me several times, including at my site, to discuss my vision and plans for my wedding, she helped me think of things I had not considered or even realized needed to be considered, and provided tons of support! She also offers, when requested, her suggestions and/or advice based on her experiences with previous weddings, which are never forced or pushed upon me, but generally very useful. About a month out, she created (based on our discussions) a timeline for the wedding day and days preceding the wedding (beginning with the wedding rehearsal), which has in itself saved me countless hours. She got in touch with all of the vendors so that they will know her and be comfortable with her in advance of the wedding and to coordinate things like their arrival and departure times, etc. which were then included in the timeline (PM me if interested in seeing this). She has been incredibly responsive, professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful. Her obviously strong grasp of how weddings run and useful insights into ways to be most efficient, etc. have given me a very strong sense of relief and trust. I am so incredibly grateful to have Tricia coordinating my wedding and feel very, very comfortable with her handling things (which is seriously saying something because I'm a bit of a control freak!). I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Amanda Braun

Tricia & her staff will be the best thing that you spend money on for your wedding! From the beginning she was so helpful and such a wonderful person to work with. She helped me solve ANY problems I ran into with our wedding. We had the hardest time finding a restaurant in Santa Barbara to have our rehearsal dinner at with 35 people, so i emailed her and within a few hours she sent me a list of 10-15 restaurants that could accommodate us. I was a pretty particular bride, especially when it came to sentimental & personal touches & wanting to design our entire reception myself & Tricia was so awesome about all of that and just kept asking what i needed help with but never tried to change my vision for the wedding. Between driving up to Santa Barbara a month before the wedding for a final walk thru and sit down with our catering manager, to driving up their for our rehearsal the night before, to ALL of the tasks her & her staff did on the day of was truly the best experience. On the day of our wedding she was there for anything i needed her for, and her assistant that was with me, as well as her other assistant that was with my husband really helped the entire day move smoothly and stress free. After repeatedly remembering things i needed to bring to the church and telling the assistant and her repeatedly telling me she already had them i literally stopped worrying and just relaxed the entire rest of the morning. Our reception room & everything was everything i had envisioned, Tricia and her staff truly made my vision come to life & it was even more perfect and gorgeous then I expected. My husband was in complete awe. My father said it was by far the best money spent, and her entire staff made the whole experience so stress free for myself and my family. I can not thank Tricia and her staff enough! Beyond perfection!!!! They deserve a 10 star rating, i suggest anyone who wants the most perfect, stress free, and fun experience to use Tricia Dahlgren!